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Our Founder

Scott Bruce

Meet Scott - The Full Human Being

Scott operates out of the foundational mindset that people are the fuel, match, and flame to the fire of work. He recognizes, honors, and utilizes the power of seeing someone as a whole person and interacting with them in such a way that brings their humanity to the forefront. Scott delights in the co-created wisdom found in communities and is adamant that workplaces are not defined by the paper they use or the products they make, but the people that find meaning, purpose, and connection within them.

He holds certifications as an ICF Advanced Certified Coach (ICF-ACC), Organization and Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC certified), Team Elements Coach, and a Professional Agile Coach with an alphabet soup of further certifications including CSP, CLP, ICP-ACC, CSP-SM, CSP-PO, former SAFe5 POPM, and recovering former PMP.

Whysup Works founder Scott


Why and How he Shows Up.

In the complex and volatile world that we work and live in, collaboration is not a ‘nice to have’, it’s a critical factor to success. The sum of our collective intelligence is always more brilliant, more flexible, more adaptive, and more innovative than apart. Scott is driven by his core WHY of aligning the work he is doing and the change he believes is necessary in our VUCA world. He believes that when he is engaged in work that makes him an even better version of himself, then he can help others find their path to similar triumph.  In his professional and personal life, he personifies these values through HOW he chooses to show up. Scott is dedicated to gratitude and humility especially through his willingness to learn from others. In his own words, “my story is not the only story, instead we are all constantly learning from each other”.


Scott brings not only his deep knowledge of systems thinking and his record of success transforming organizations but also his compassionate and generous nature. When a change is needed, but an internal system resists this desired change, Scott can help. He provides people with the tools to explore and pursue their own vision for a better future state and helps them build the bridge to get there. This empowers his clients to stop seeing transformational shifts as a burden, but rather as a natural outcome given the changes he helps dream, design, and implement.


Skillful inquiry—asking powerful questions—is one of Scott’s greatest gifts. His own sense of curiosity and his willingness to inquire amplifies those characteristics in others. As a present and active listener, Scott models leading with empathy and attention. True leadership means having the confidence to be real and vulnerable with those you lead. Scott shows leaders how to find strength in vulnerability, rather than in power and control.

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“Scott has a consistent way of seeking to understand before he is understood that inspired true transformational change on the initiatives he worked on.”

“Scott is a fantastic communicator and leader with deft attention to detail that aligns his user stories to the overall high-level goals of the organization. He is clear and concise and always willing to engage with stakeholders to ensure that developmental efforts are providing the greatest value to our customers. Beyond this, Scott is one of the most friendly and approachable people I have ever had the good fortune of working with. I highly recommend Scott and would love to have the opportunity to work with him again.”


“As an instructor he has the ability to take complex concepts and break them down to meet the learner at any level they may be at. That skill combined with his kindness and patience has proven him to be a loved teacher and coach."

“Scott could see that agile projects were not little disconnected islands, but they fit into a complex ecosystem of projects."


“Scott has several qualities that I would call out as exceptional: his ability to collaborate with Development Teams to drive value in the product he is asked to build, his desire to understand the fundamental business problem or opportunity before defining Stories solve it, and how he works collaboratively across the business to ensure he meets the needs of all his Stakeholders. “


“He is a leader by nature and someone who takes the responsibility of driving product value seriously.”

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